Fruits & Veggies

Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program is implemented by BC ministries of Agriculture, Education, and Health selected the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC), to bring BC grown fruits and vegetables into the classroom.

Why We Love the BCSFVNP?

·   It increases students’ acceptance of, exposure to, and willingness to try fruits and vegetables.

·   It increases students’ knowledge and awareness of fruits and vegetables as nutritious foods to      eat.

·   It increases knowledge and awareness of locally grown foods.

·   It increases access to local fruits and vegetables in BC schools


2019-2020 Scheduled Dates:

Sep. 12th Peaches, BC Okanagan
Sep. 26th Pears, Bartlett
Oct. 10th Apples, Royal Gala
Oct. 31st Carrots, baby
Nov. 21st Apples, Granny Smith
Dec. 5th Mandarins, Halo
Jan. 23rd Kiwifruit, (BC)
Feb. 6th Apples, Fuji
Feb. 27th Snap Peas
Apr. 23rd Peppers, Mini
May 7th Cucumbers, Mini
May 28th Tomatoes, Grape