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Reporting 2020-2021 

In the last few years, the Ministry of Education has worked with BC educators to develop meaningful reporting options, allowing teachers the flexibility to communicate student progress with parents.  Schools in Burnaby, and across the province, have been participating in various way in which we communicate student learning. Over the last two years at Marlborough, parents have participated in information sessions to help understand the changes to assessment and reporting in Burnaby which include: 

  • more timely and flexible communication 
  • descriptive four-point provincial proficiency scale for K-9 
  • end-of-year student self-assessment of Core Competencies, as well as additional student selected evidence-based reflection during the school year 

 This year schools in Burnaby, and across the province, are participating in a pilot for communicating student learning in the first term of the 2020-2021 school year. The pilot meets the BC Ministry of Education reporting guidelines, achieves the goal of communicating learning so that parents are well informed of their child’s progress, and addresses the challenges of this school year. Considering many of our students were learning at home from March to September and many students have missed a fair bit of school, either from doing the right thing and staying home when feeling unwell, or from transitioning back to school from other learning options on a biweekly basis. It has also taken longer to settle into the routines of school with the new health and safety protocols in place.  Term 1 will be considered an informal point of progress. The first report card parents receive will be an informal report on November 26th, focusing on student engagement and behaviour. It will also contain individualized next steps or areas of improvement required to move forward in the school year. This report will be tailored to reflect student progress; however, for the first term, it will not contain Proficiency Scales for individual subject areas. Individual subject assessment will be included in the following 2 formal reporting periods in March and in June once enough time has passed for authentic assessment to be established in all areas of the curriculum. 

So, what should parents expect from teachers?  Some teachers may choose to use FreshGrade, Digital Portfolios, a Three-Way Virtual Teacher conference, or an interim report.  No matter what format a teacher chooses to use, all teachers will focus on social development, student engagement and behaviour. It will also contain individualized next steps or areas of improvement required to move forward in the school year. 

Should a teacher have concerns with how your child is progressing academically, they will reach out to speak with you directly. Alternatively, parents always have the option of contacting their child’s teacher with questions or to discuss concerns. 

As always, thank you for your continued support as we navigate this new landscape. Please feel free to reach out, should you have any questions or need additional information.