Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is a traditional fundraising program in École Marlborough Elementary School, which is run by volunteer parents. All funds go to enhance school programs benefit your children year by year. By purchasing lunches for your children, you are not only providing meals, also helping to support many wonderful programs for them!
Our biggest thanks to the Marlborough parents for supporting this important fundraiser and to our wonderful volunteers who help make this program a success. 

2022-2023 Hot Lunch Dates

Wednesday, January 25th

Please note:

  • There will be no sales on Hot Lunch days, so please remember to place your order through Munch a Lunch before each deadline.
  • Payments will only be accepted through School Cash On Line.  Cash or cheque payments will no longer be accepted at the West office.
  • Payment must be made at the time of ordering or else orders without payment will be cancelled.
  • After each deadline, School Cash On Line will be closed and no late orders will be accepted.
  • Only items in menu will be provided. No special orders will be taken.
  • Consistent with previous years, there are no refunds as this is a PAC fundraiser.
  • If your child is absent on a Hot Lunch day, you are welcome to pick up their lunches from East Gym between 11:45 and 12:15 or after school.  
  • Due to life threatening food allergies at the school, milk and sushi items with seafood will no longer be offered. However, there are a few new items on the Hot Lunch menu this year.