School News

Staggered Start Schedule

Today was a great day; it was wonderful to welcome so many of your children back to school.  If you were here in person, your child’s teacher will have shared this staggered start schedule with you:

Schedule A (8:45 start bell; dismissed at 2:42) for the following classes:

(West building) M Dias, M Parker, Ms. Chan, Hara, Mme Moore/Mme Dumas, Ms. Ford, Ms.Gray, Ms.Borojevic, Ms. Kazuta, M Bergeron

(East building) Ms. Allwright, Ms. Morissey, Ms. Njegovan, Mme McDiarmid, Mme Kibbe, Ms. Masuhara, Ms. Lukose, Ms. Lee, Mme Corrado, Mme Dare


Schedule B (9:00 start bell; dismissed at 2:57)

(West building) Mme Chu, Ms. Davis, Ms. Wrinkle, Ms. Cummings, Ms. Madu/Ms. Stausgaard, Mme Humphries, Mme Niseteo, Mme Brunet, Ms. Byrne, Ms. Chang

(East building) Ms. Parmar (for Ms. Johnson), Ms. Hirji-Padamshi, Mme Green/Mme Marble, M Prevost, Ms. Ng, Ms. Hallate, Ms. Jaswal, Ms. Cowley, Ms. Maratovic, Ms. Nero

We understand that siblings may be on different schedules due to class assignments.  We will be flexible with arrangements; please just let your child’s classroom teacher know.

**Kindergarten Parents: your children are on a gradual entry schedule, so these staggered start times will only apply beginning September 23rd when they begin full-time.**

Some reminders:

Weather-appropriate clothing: students will be learning and playing outside as much as possible, so please ensure that you send them with the proper clothing (ie. rain boots, raincoat and a change of clothes for primary students)

Food: please send them with lots of water, a healthy recess snack and lunch (with cutlery) that they can open easily and independently.  Please plan to send your child’s food with them in the morning rather than dropping off lunches, as we have to limit access to non-staff members at this time.  You can arrange to take your child home for lunch if you let their teacher know.

After dismissal: please remember to social distance when on the grounds and until the construction is completed, please leave the grounds as promptly as possible after your child is dismisssed.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Have a wonderful weekend!

K. Floyd & S. Rawnsley